Freelancing or a full time job?


I left my job a few months ago not because I wanted to start freelancing but I was frustrated with my job like other people because of uncertain working hours, never ending tasks and less time to live my personal life. I am not saying full time jobs are not good, actually I was enjoying my job at some time. But as time passed, It became headache for me to do a fix salary job with non-fixed working hours. So I decided to resign from my current job for few months. It was in my mind that I will start another job after some break but after some days I came across a term freelancing which is most companies business model in India. I tried my luck to get some freelancing work online and luckily I found some good clients. Now my weekly payout is more than my monthly salary was in company, also I work in very flexible hours. I can work as much as I want because I am getting paid for every hour I am working. If I don’t want to work or want a break from current work I can do as well. So there are lots are pros and cons of freelancing & full time job, which I will try to cover in this blog. So let’s start with first point

Static Salary or Non-static Income

In full time job, you get fixed salary which you know, will be credited to your account every month. You can plan your future accordingly. You know the minimum amount you will get in any condition. You can plan your EMI, SIP, trips & special dinners etc.

In freelancing, there is no permanent and static income. Sometimes you earn a lot and some time not single penny. So it’s become complicated to predict next month plans and expenses.

Benefits from employers or No benefits

In full time job, you get some benefits from your company like health insurance, dental care, gym membership, free holiday trips. But this is not provided by all companies so you can’t be sure that you will get these benefits from your company or not.

In freelancing, there is no benefits like this.

Static working hours or flexible Hours

In full time job, you don’t have flexible hours. You have a static working schedule, you have to stick with. If you are coming late, you have to go late or may be salary deduction as per company rules which differs company to company.

In freelancing, I personally feel working hours are fully flexible. It’s all depends on me when to work. Sometime I work two hours in morning, two hours in evening or any time which is suitable to me.

Rules or Live like a king

In full time job, the organisation have some rules which you have to follow as an employee. Rules like, you can’t come late, you can’t leave office earlier, you can’t take unplanned leave, you can’t eat while office time, you can breathe etc etc.

In freelancing, there are no such rules. You are accountable for your productivity only. That’s it. Do the work in right way and get paid for that without following any dump rules.

Static workstation or Work from any location.

In full time job, you have location where you have to be present everyday. That’s called company’s office.

In freelancing, you can work from anywhere. e.g. CCD, #SOCIAL, Home, Garden etc.

Everyone is not meant for job similarly everyone is not meant for freelancing as well. Freelancing is more tough than daily job but freelancing full fills lots of your wishes which a job can not. If you are planing to start freelancing then go for it. There are lots of good people waiting for good freelancer.

Some tips from my side, don’t go for freelancing

  • if you can’t work on new technologies & want to stick with old technologies.
  • if you don’t like challenges.
  • if only money is priority for you.
  • if you are not good in communication.
  • if you have lots of debt and can’t take risk

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