These are non productive activities you are doing at your job


You’re doing a 8 hours job but you are not productive all the time. According to a study an average employee is productive only for 3-4 hours in 8 hours job, which is exactly 40-50% of your daily working hours. I am listing some non productive activities which are observed while study.

Reading News

Average employees are consuming 1 hour daily to read news on websites. I guess, this non productive activity is good habit as well. News reading enrich your knowledge.

Social Media

Most of the people waste lots of the time on social media. They keep scrolling the news feed till hours, keep checking likes, comments on their photos, statuses etc. They are posting stories, checking other people stories.

Instant Messaging

People in offices doing chat with their partner, friends and colleague as well. They stick on chatting till hours.

Eating Food, Having Coffee & Smoking

According to study, some employees at their office time eating food, drinking coffees, going for smoke. They waste 30 minutes daily in these activities.

Non Productive Activities

Gossip With Co-workers

Study also tells that people in offices doing gossips most of the time. They discus non-work-related things with their co-workers.

Searching New Jobs ????

Haha, “Treat the employees better, else they will start using company internet to find new job“. Study also tells that people search new jobs in office time but this is very rare. They do not lots of waste time on this activity daily.

This is not all about of company’s environment which allow or don’t allow such non-productive activities. Also according to a research, freelancers are more productive at their working time. If a freelancer is working for 3 hours in day which is the same amount as someone in the office for eight hours.

What if companies cut a workday down to five hours. People would be better rested, more focused, and likely more productive.

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