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So you decided to start a job. Sounds good. Now question arises, how to find a job as a fresher. Most of the companies are always looking for someone with some good experience, they don’t want fresher people for them. But don’t worry there are lots of startups who don’t get experienced people for them because experienced employee always try to find a good and old company. So as a fresher you should target to startup companies. Don’t think google will hire you as a fresher, if they are hiring you then there is always exception of everything.

Here I’m gonna share some tips for you to find a job as a fresher.


1. Friend/Family Reference

Ask your friends or relative who are already doing job. May be they can help you to be placed in good company as per their reference.

2. Find Job Online

There are lots of websites on internet which can help you too. I am going to mentioned some good websites here in this article. So first of all

  • LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn is growing very fast. You can find lots of good companies profile on Linkedin and also the jobs they are offering. Just read carefully the instruction by the employer and apply the job directly from Linkedin
  • Glassdoor
    • Glassdoor is really good platform to find good companies. You can check companies reviews and ratings as well as you can check the average salary they are paying to their employees.
    • Trust me, you’re going to receive lots of calls daily with first line on call. Are you looking for job? I have 7+ Years experience in Web development & designing & I was getting lots of call even I was doing job. They offers handsome hike to leave your current company. (F**king Competition).
  • Indeed
    • Another good platform to search jobs. Just login to website and search for the job and apply.
How To Find A Job As Fresher

3. Direct On Company Website

You can search some good companies on google. e.g. If you are searching Web Developer/Designer job in Mohali / Chandigarh location. You can search “Best Website Development Company In Chandigarh” or “Best Web Designing Companies In Mohali“. You’ll get a huge list. Trust me, huge list. Just browser company’s website. There will be page in menu Career or We’re hiring. Just go there, fill the form and upload your resume. They will call you.

Bonus Tips

  • Choose company wisely based on reviews or employee’s ratings
  • Avoid long term working bond with company
  • Get some training certificate ready with you.
  • Create a professional single page resume (Add good photograph on resume)
  • Also read my article on Importance of time management


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